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What is the meaning of soldier in Hindi?

Meaning of soldier in Hindi is : सैनिक

Definition of word soldier

  • A member of an army, of any rank. (noun)
  • A guardsman. (noun)
  • A member of the Salvation Army. (noun)
  • A piece of buttered bread (or toast), cut into a long thin strip and dipped into a soft-boiled egg. (noun)
  • A term of affection for a young boy. (noun)
  • Someone who fights or toils well (noun)
  • To continue. (verb)
  • To be a soldier. (verb)
  • To intentionally restrict labor productivity; to work at the slowest rate that goes unpunished. Has also been called dogging it or goldbricking. (Originally from the way that conscripts may approach following orders. Usage less prevalent in the era of all-volunteer militaries.) (verb)

Examples of word soldier

  • Note that _sepoy_, as colloquially it is called, but _sipahee_, as in books it is often written, does not mean Hindoo or Hindoo soldier, but is simply the Hindoo word for _soldier_.] [Footnote 61: '_The laurelled majesty_,' &c.
  • DOBBS: I'm not going to speak for the general, but I got to believe he's shuttering as you use the term soldier -- because these are not soldiers, these are terrorists.
  • It was so with all the Boers; none understood the term soldier as applying to anybody except their enemy, while many considered it an insult to be called a soldier, as it implied, to a certain extent, that they were fighting for hire.
  • "Warrior - One whose occupation is warfare; a fighting man ... applied to ... uncivilized peoples, for whom the designation soldier would be inappropriate."
  • He used the term "soldier" there to describe members of the Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.


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