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What is the meaning of solonic in Hindi?

Meaning of solonic in Hindi is :

Definition of word solonic

  • Wise. (adjective)
  • Legislative. (adjective)

Examples of word solonic

    • Over at Senate Finance, judging by the reports coming of the committee, a solonic gang of six -- three Democrats, including chairman Max Baucus of Montana, and three Republicans, including ranking member Charles Grassley of Iowa -- are turning out a bill whose resemblance to anything the president has championed is accidental and incidental.
    • Obama should thank the solonic six for their work, and, as much as is politically practicable, ignore it.
    • The solonic six may end up requiring employers to fund subsidies for employees who need them, but that could create the bureaucratic nightmare to end all bureaucratic nightmares -- 700,000 Wal-Mart employees, say, bringing their tax returns to work so management can investigate ( "You sure you reported all your income?") and stall ( "Doesn't your spouse work at Home Depot?