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What is the meaning of solvent in Hindi?

Meaning of solvent in Hindi is : सम्पन्न

Definition of word solvent

  • A liquid that dissolves a solid, liquid, or gaseous solute, resulting in a solution. (noun)
    एक तरल जो एक ठोस, तरल या गैसीय विलेय को घोलता है, जिसके परिणामस्वरूप एक घोल बनता है।
  • Able to pay all debts as they become due, and having no more liabilities than assets. (adjective)
    सभी ऋणों का भुगतान करने में सक्षम, और संपत्ति से अधिक देनदारियां नहीं होने के कारण।

Examples of word solvent

    • Macdonald R. et al. [7] suggest that there are two distinct concentrating processes, which they term solvent switching and solvent depletion.
    • The word solvent has appeared in 110 New York Times articles in the past year, including on Aug. 20 in "Uncertainty in Courthouse Fogs the View at the Stadium," by George Vecsey:
    • FLUEGEL: We need those premium increases to remain solvent within those geographies.
    • Correct these items and SS will remain solvent for years.
    • They also have created mass hysteria over the alleged insolvency of Social Security (expected to remain solvent until 2037) and Medicare (2029).
    • How safe and how solvent is open to question but more safe and more solvent.
    • WaMu had been on the Fed's watch list for some time and was in a liquidity crisis when the government stepped in; to say they were solvent is a stretch.
    • Scrub the action real good w/brushes (old tooth brushes, brass wire brush on some stuff), run a patch soaked in solvent down the barrel.
    • Those should be cleaned in solvent, allowed to dry, then lubricated with no more than two small drops of low-­viscosity oil.