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What is the meaning of somebody in Hindi?

Meaning of somebody in Hindi is : महत्वपूर्ण आदमी

Definition of word somebody

  • Some unspecified person. (pronoun)
  • A recognised person, a celebrity. (noun)

Examples of word somebody

    • It looks to me as if somebody -- _somebody_, I mention no names -- may have had a hint of what was coming and began to lay plans according ....
    • He knows all about it, however -- somebody has told him -- _somebody_ tells everybody everything in our village.
    • If I didn't have you to tell -- have somebody -- "She considered, with brows slightly knitted --" if I didn't have _somebody_ to talk to, it wouldn't be very good for me.
    • He valued himself on being something, and somebody, independently of his fortune -- he had worked hard to become so -- he had the consciousness about him of tried integrity, resolution, and virtue; and was it to be implied that he was _somebody_, only in consequence of his having chanced to become heir to so many thousands a year?
    • View It » thanks for this interesting article. my only hope is that if somebody committed massive fraud by salting gold with tungsten, then when dealing with that much money, _somebody_ hopefully would have audited the gold. i mean, who would be so foolish to transfer massive quantities of gold without an audit? tungsten weighs close to gold, but would show up on a scale. once the bars are melted down, then the tungsten is visibly seen immediately as it does not bind to gold, so it cannot be circulating in bullion, except from fraudulent singaporian sources that willingly partake in the theft.


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