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What is the meaning of someone in Hindi?

Meaning of someone in Hindi is : महत्वपूर्ण आदमी

Definition of word someone

  • Some person. (pronoun)
  • A partially specified but unnamed person. (noun)

Examples of word someone

    • And for a moment like that, to have the gift of sharing a piece of my soul with someone I may never see again ~someone I will never forget, well, I wouldn't trade a moment like that for anything in the world.
    • The problem with this new Twitter update is if you follow the White House on Twitter and the White House replies to someone directly, e.g. @someone blah blah blah, you won't see it unless you are also following @someone.
    • I mean *someone* posted the photos, so they either took it, or got it from someone else right?
    • This is the kind of book that I would hint mightily to someone that I wanted for a birthday/holiday present, perhaps by saying, suggestively, that if I knew how to SEW, *someone* might get a handmade whatsis.
    • Eventually you could get someone to confess to *suicide* using sleep deprivation, and really any technique that you can use to get a false confession out of someone within reason, since obviously you can get a false confession out of *someone* using any technique, you know what I mean I think is, to me, torture.


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