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What is the meaning of somnia in Hindi?

Meaning of somnia in Hindi is :

Definition of word somnia

Examples of word somnia

  • In a drama close to somnia turbula, ganglias of cables and wires, nerve fibres and raunchy buzzing lights radiated down at him from a ceiling, meshed together in a flue.
  • I was going to frame the Kimpton's sleep take-out menu and hang it above my bed like a somnia-inducing talisman.
  • Somewhat unrelated, but on the issue of consent and culpability, I just watched the beginning of an episode of Law and Order SVU where a guy raped his girlfriend's little sister in his sleep due to some sex-somnia disorder, and they said they couldn't charge him with anything because he wasn't conscious of what he was doing.
  • The first twelve Apex Featured Writers were tasked with writing the darkest, scariest short fiction their twisted minds could create using the theme of "aegri somnia."
  • Having a complex not-always-stable disability like me for instance which includes hyper-somnia, can mean while you go to bed, one day, because they shot a lot of electricity through you, and even if you are DEAD TIRED you can only sleep maybe 80 minutes, and that is with sedatives.


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