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What is the meaning of sophistical in Hindi?

Meaning of sophistical in Hindi is :

Definition of word sophistical

  • Pertaining to a sophist or sophistry. (adjective)
  • Fallacious, misleading or incorrect in logic or reasoning, especially intentionally. (adjective)

Examples of word sophistical

    • Hamilton is described as sophistical and disingenuous, whose object is to deceive rather than to instruct, to mislead rather than enlighten, and whose motives are partisan rather than patriotic.
    • The 'sophistical' interest of Phaedrus, the little touch about the two versions of the story, the ironical manner in which these explanations are set aside -- 'the common opinion about them is enough for me' -- the allusion to the serpent Typho may be noted in passing; also the general agreement between the tone of this speech and the remark of Socrates which follows afterwards, 'I am a diviner, but a poor one.'
    • Finally, according to the third kind of sophistical argument, I conclude, from the totality of the conditions of thinking objects in general, in so far as they can be given, the absolute synthetical unity of all conditions of the possibility of things in general; that is, from things which I do not know in their mere transcendental conception, I conclude a being of all beings which I know still less by means of a transcendental conception, and of whose unconditioned necessity I can form no conception whatever.
    • Burke's proposed conciliation with America, as opposed to economically "sophistical" imperialism, "is what becomes the dignity of a ruling people — gratuitous, unconditional, and not held out as
    • And it is not clear what they are complaining about in respect of an alleged monopoly in farming, sophistical legalities, the sale of privacy of the public as a "commodity", "colonialism at home and abroad," and "misinformation through control of the media."


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