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What is the meaning of soul in Hindi?

Meaning of soul in Hindi is : हृदय

Definition of word soul

  • The spirit or essence of a person usually thought to consist of one's thoughts and personality. Often believed to live on after the person's death. (noun)
  • The spirit or essence of anything. (noun)
  • Life, energy, vigor. (noun)
  • Soul music. (noun)
  • A person, especially as one among many. (noun)
  • An individual life. (noun)
  • To endue with a soul; to furnish with a soul or mind. (verb)

Examples of word soul

  • "I can respect a _soul_, sir," replied Emma, warmly, -- "a soul made in the image of God, though it were sunk in the very depths of pollution and wretchedness; and so can the 'Great and Holy One,' Mr. Sliver, or he never would have sent his Son to redeem the world."
  • It is of the highest importance to the developing soul to unfold into a realization of this relationship and unity, _for when this conception is once fully established the soul is enabled to rise above certain of the lower planes, and is free from the operation of certain laws that bind the undeveloped soul_.
  • For it is the soul which manifests as _body_, which thinks as _mind_, which feels and loves as _heart_, and which is what it is -- though not perhaps what it really or finally is -- as _soul_.
  • It may be well to fall into the usage of ordinary speech, and speak of that which survives death as the _soul_, so long as we keep in mind what is really meant, viz., that it is the soul _united with the spirit_ which survives death.
  • "No soul, Excellenza; rest assured, no _soul_ -- Again the mortar."


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