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What is the meaning of space in Hindi?

Meaning of space in Hindi is : स्पेस

Definition of word space

  • Of time. (noun)
  • Unlimited or generalized physical extent. (noun)
  • A bounded or specific physical extent. (noun)
  • To roam, walk, wander. (verb)
  • To set some distance apart. (verb)
  • To insert or utlitise spaces in a written text. (verb)
  • To eject into outer space, usually without a space suit. (verb)

Examples of word space

  • To imagine a space means nothing else than that we imagine an epitome of our “space” experience, i.e. of experience that we can have in the movement of “rigid” bodies.
  • We could also say «per decem pedēs», _for ten feet_, where the space relation is one of _extent of space_.
  • Inside the dura, and separated from it by a narrow space -- the _sub-dural space_ -- lies the
  • The space between these layers -- the _sub-arachnoid space_ -- is traversed by a network of fine fibrous strands, in the meshes of which the cerebro-spinal fluid circulates.
  • Mr. Dyer, that he confounded the idea of _space_ with that of _empty space_, and did not consider, that though space might be without matter, yet matter, being extended, could not be without space.


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