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What is the meaning of spar in Hindi?

Meaning of spar in Hindi is : स्फटिक के समान कोई खनिज पदार्थ

Definition of word spar

  • A stout pole. (noun)
  • A general term denoting any linear object used as a mast, sprit, yard, boom, pole or gaff. (noun)
  • A beam-like structural member that supports ribs in an aircraft wing or other airfoil. (noun)
  • any of various microcrystalline minerals, of light, translucent, or transparent blee, which are easily cleft (noun)
  • any crystal with no readily discernible faces. (noun)
  • to bolt, bar. (verb)
  • To fight, especially as practice for martial arts or hand-to-hand combat. (verb)

Examples of word spar

  • The term spar is a generic term used by geologists to refer to any non-metallic mineral with a glassy (vitreous) luster that breaks on distinct flat surfaces (planes).
  • State of the Union: Carville, Matalin spar over CIA probe
  • CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive - State of the Union: Carville, Matalin spar over CIA probe « - Blogs from CNN. com
  • A single large beam, called the main spar, runs through the wing, typically nearer the leading edge at about 25 percent of the total chord.
  • To resist fore and aft movement, the wing will usually be fitted with a second smaller drag-spar nearer the trailing edge, tied to the main spar with structural elements or a stressed skin.


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