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What is the meaning of speak in Hindi?

Meaning of speak in Hindi is : व्यक्त करना

Definition of word speak

  • To communicate with one's voice, to say words out loud. (verb)
  • To have a conversation. (verb)
  • To communicate or converse by some means other than orally, such as writing or facial expressions. (verb)
  • To deliver a message to a group; to deliver a speech. (verb)
  • To be able to communicate in a language. (verb)
  • To utter. (verb)
  • To communicate (some fact or feeling); to bespeak, to indicate. (verb)
  • To understand (as though it were a language). (verb)
  • language, jargon, or terminology used uniquely in a particular environment or group. (noun)
  • a low class bar, a speakeasy. (noun)

Examples of word speak

  • _Take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak_.
  • To speak, is not to think logically; but to _think logically_ is, at the same time, to _speak_.
  • And finally, all the while he is urged to speak, _speak_, _SPEAK_ as he is applying to his own methods, in his own _personal_ way, the principles he has gathered from his own experience and observation and the recorded experiences of others.
  • _This_ -- when I speak, I _don't hint_, but _speak out_.
  • Anyone who goes to hear Sarah Palin speak is a moron.


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