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What is the meaning of specific in Hindi?

Meaning of specific in Hindi is : सुनिश्चित

Definition of word specific

  • explicit or definite (adjective)
  • Pertaining to a species. (adjective)
  • pertaining to a taxon at the rank of species (adjective)
  • special, distinctive or unique (adjective)
  • intended for, or applying to a particular thing (adjective)
  • being a remedy for a particular disease (adjective)
  • limited to a particular antibody or antigen (adjective)
  • of a value divided by mass (e.g. specific orbital energy) (adjective)
  • similarly referring to a value divided by any measure which acts to standardize it (e.g. thrust specific fuel consumption, referring to fuel consumption divided by thrust) (adjective)
  • a measure compared with a standard reference value by division, to produce a ratio without unit or dimension (e.g. specific refractive index is a pure number, and is relative to that of air) (adjective)
  • A distinguishing attribute or quality. (noun)
  • Something particularly adapted for a particular use, as a remedy for a particular disorder (noun)
  • Specification (noun)
  • The details; particulars. (noun)

Examples of word specific

  • The arbiter appears to the undersigned to have viewed the rivers St. John and Restigouche as possessing both a specific and a generic character; that considered _alone_ they were _specific_ ', and the designation in the treaty of "rivers falling into the Atlantic" was inapplicable to them; that considered _In connection with other rivers_ they were _generic_ and were embraced in the terms of the treaty, but that as their connection with other rivers would bring them within a principle which, according to the views taken by him of other parts of the question, was equally realized by both lines, it would be hazardous to allow them any weight in deciding the disputed boundary.
  • Your referral to instant runoff voting in specific is particularly odd, given that IRV is neither a Democratic nor a Republican issue (with both McCain and Dean strongly supporting it), and is limited in popularity to conservatives or liberals.
  • The term specific gas production (Gp, measured in m³ gas/m³ Vd x day) supplements the above expression by defining the digester's biogas output. pH/volatile acids
  • We are now prepared to ask whether (a) the differences between angels are always specific and never individual differences, or (b) both specific and individual differences; and (c) if specific, in which sense of the term specific—the metaphysical or the biological sense.
  • Bearing in mind that for such substances the term specific resistance has no very definite meaning, M. Bouty considers it is not less than 3.19 x 1028 E.M. units at ordinary temperatures.


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