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What is the meaning of speech in Hindi?

Meaning of speech in Hindi is : व्याख्यान

Definition of word speech

Examples of word speech

  • I gave my speech today in Speech, and it was funny because Grant gave his too, and for both of us the only people we could actually look at were eachother.
  • The court's decision centered on the so-called "speech or debate clause," which the Constitution states ensures "for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other place."
  • McCain Vows to Take on Washington; How did McCcain do: Post Analysis of McCain's Speech; RNC Protesters Sprayed and Gassed by Police; Fact Checking Sarah Palin's Speech
  • The high point of the ceremony is his reading of a carefully prepared address, known as the Speech from the Throne.
  • First Amendment Freedom of Speech is not guaranteed for an employer to put up with any foolishness on his nickel, particularly in the scope of duties of employment.


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