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What is the meaning of speedily in Hindi?

Meaning of speedily in Hindi is : तेज़ी से

Definition of word speedily

  • In a speedy or fast manner. (adverb)

Examples of word speedily

  • He collected a class of boys, aged about four, and proposed to teach them Latin speedily and easily by making them converse in the classical language as well as read and write it. 199
  • The word speedily went round the village, with many a nod and wink:
  • He made himself heard the best he could and the word speedily traveled fore and aft, on all the decks, that the canoe would take ashore twenty people, at once.
  • With the air of a man who has conferred a great benefit, and is calmly awaiting his rightful reward, Jake turned to Tom; but his expression speedily changed to one of hopeless wonder, and then to one of delight, as Tom Chafflin walked rapidly up to the cashier's desk, pushed the
  • The Lord is at hand -- The Lord's coming again speedily is the grand motive to every Christian grace (Jas 5: 8, 9).


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