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What is the meaning of spend in Hindi?

Meaning of spend in Hindi is : व्यय करना

Definition of word spend

  • to pay out (money) (verb)
  • to exhaust, to wear out (verb)
  • to consume, to use up (time) (verb)
  • to have an orgasm; to ejaculate sexually (verb)
  • Amount spent (during a period), expenditure (noun)
  • expenditures; money or pocket money. (noun)
  • Discharged semen (noun)

Examples of word spend

  • Don't make too big a fool of yourself, nor marry your tango teacher, but spend my million, Drusilla, _spend it_ -- and may God rest your soul!
  • But we are to have the railroad to Mt. Jackson by Christmas, perhaps sooner; and then, if we can raise the wind, we can spend a portion of the winter in the city, and I hope you will find time to come up and _spend the day_ with me, as we will be near neighbors.
  • In polls that employ the term "spend" or "spending" in describing the additional stimulus, its support drops to an average of 44 percent, with 50 percent saying that deficit reduction is the higher priority:
  • I don't really like the term spend back because it sounds like there is some kind of price competition to buy the consumers 'willingness to use our products.
  • Until very recently, it seems most conservatives understood that to spend is to tax.


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