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What is the meaning of spi in Hindi?

Meaning of spi in Hindi is :

Definition of word spi

Examples of word spi

  • Str or agi combined with spi is considered a bad combo, but some paladins or hunters might want to buy str-int or agi-int items.
  • While spi is an undervalued stat and items with spi in it are often cheap, sta is always a good stat, loved by all classes so you can ask a good price for that, and items with agi in them tend to be more expensive than others because many rich players create a twink rogue to play with.
  • MX27 clock: rename spi clocks to match device mx25 devices: Add missing include mx25pdk: remove nand support as it is not present in current tree mx25: Add missing copyright/license header pcm038: Add SPI/MC13783 support pcm970 mmc: Fix ro switch
  • Young chap, 'e was, the livin' spi't-'n-himage of you.
  • Danielle – you are so right, there are oodles of Austen spi-offs, many of them very dodgy-looking!


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