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What is the meaning of spire in Hindi?

Meaning of spire in Hindi is : संसर्पिल

Definition of word spire

  • The part of a spiral generated in one revolution of the straight line about the pole. (noun)

Examples of word spire

  • ‘drop’; ‘wreathe’ and ‘writhe’; ‘spear’ and ‘spire’ (“the least _spire_ of grass”, South); ‘trist’ and ‘trust’; ‘band’, ‘bend’ and ‘bond’;
  • It will drive a 55 grain spire point at 3900 fps with H414.
  • You can read more about why the spire is twisted here.
  • I also get great accuracy out of Hornady 117 grain spire points over 48. 5g of IMR4350.
  • The shell is cylindrical, dense and heavy; the spire is short, with channelled sutures, and the aperture long and narrow; the anterior part is notched; the columella is callous and striated obliquely.


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