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What is the meaning of spirited in Hindi?

Meaning of spirited in Hindi is : साहसी

Definition of word spirited

  • Simple past tense and past participle of spirit. (verb)
  • Lively, vigorous, animated or courageous. (adjective)

Examples of word spirited

    • Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey began by pointing to what he called a spirited worldwide online debate about the future, including America's financial security, in which Mr. Obama's name figured prominently.
    • Caroline is neither masculine, nor of what they call the spirited order of women. '
    • Just how sloppy, stupid, and mean spirited is the drone program management?
    • I taught Sunday school classes, led home Bible studies, and discussed theological nuances in spirited conversations with my friends over coffee.
    • Her blog about living by the cosmic hints around us in spirited style is Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights.


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