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What is the meaning of spiteful in Hindi?

Meaning of spiteful in Hindi is : सासूथ

Definition of word spiteful

  • Filled with, or showing, spite; having a desire to vex, annoy, or injure; malignant; malicious (adjective)

Examples of word spiteful

  • Because he became known as a spiteful, mean-spirited man who deliberately badmouthed anyone who was more successful than he was.
  • Being nasty, mean-spirited or spiteful is not going to bring down gas prices, stop the war or unite this broken country!
  • It is no better when it is vented in spiteful and mischievous language: He that utters slander is a fool too, for God will sooner or later bring forth that righteousness as the light which he endeavours to cloud, and will find an expedient to roll the reproach away.
  • I am sure that Melanie knows who her supporters are and will not think that I attack her when its obvious to any normal mind that I never do. you along with anthony and sarah just show what a load of childish right wing nutters you really are, twisting words and sentiments to your own ends. "spiteful" - what a ridiculous remark, maybe you should try a dictionary.
  • The really evil libidinous people, that is to say the spiteful, the mean, the base and inhuman, fly from his presence, and for the obvious reason that he makes sex-pleasure so generous, so gay, so natural, so legitimate, that their dark morbid perverted natures can get no more joy out of it.


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