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What is the meaning of split in Hindi?

Meaning of split in Hindi is : फ़ाड़ना/चीरना

Definition of word split

  • See split (verb). (adjective)
  • Having the middle group equal to the direct product of the others. (adjective)
  • Comprising half decaffeinated and half caffeinated espresso. (adjective)
  • A crack or longitudinal fissure. (noun)
  • A breach or separation, as in a political party; a division. (noun)
  • A piece that is split off, or made thin, by splitting; a splinter; a fragment. (noun)
  • One of the sections of a skin made by dividing it into two or more thicknesses. (noun)
  • The acrobatic feat of spreading the legs flat on the floor 180 degrees apart, either sideways to the body or with one leg in front and one behind. (noun)
  • A split-finger fastball. (noun)
  • A result of a first throw that leaves two or more pins standing with one or more pins between them knocked down. (noun)
  • A dessert or confection resembling a banana split. (noun)
  • A unit of measure used for champagne or other spirits: 18.75 centiliter or 1/4 quarter of a standard .75 liter bottle. Commercially comparable to 1/20th (US) gallon, which is 1/2 of a fifth. (noun)
  • A bottle of wine containing 0.375 liters, 1/2 the volume of a standard .75 liter bottle; a demi. (noun)
  • The elapsed time at specific intermediate point(s) in a race. (noun)
  • A tear resulting from tensile stresses. (noun)
  • A division of a stake happening when two cards of the kind on which the stake is laid are dealt in the same turn. (noun)
  • Of something solid, to divide fully or partly along a more or less straight line. (verb)
  • To share; to divide. (verb)
  • To leave. (verb)
  • to separate or break up. (verb)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of split. (verb)

Examples of word split

  • (Toggle Plain Text) $my @t = split (/s+/); #split sentences into "words"
  • $my @t = split (/s+/); #split sentences into "words"
  • "Then, if I _split_ it, what else _could_ it be but a split infinitive,
  • The term split petition is used because of the Tax factor plan that is not seen because of the intent not to show a capital Taxing of close to a $100 trillion dollar package, a yearly system income, not profit.....
  • “Why—” The word split open, muffled sobs rising out of her.


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