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What is the meaning of spousal in Hindi?

Meaning of spousal in Hindi is : वैवाहिक

Definition of word spousal

  • of or relating to marriage (adjective)
  • marriage; nuptials; espousal (noun)

Examples of word spousal

    • Attempted rape in spousal exception states is another good example of this.
    • Anonymous said ... why is a gravy train spousal support?
    • She refers to her spousal relationship as "marital don't ask, don't tell." p.
    • Heck, let’s throw in spousal criticism and call it a character trait.
    • Alimony (also called spousal support) is tax deductible to the payor and taxable income to the payee.
    • Hearing about Cindy, I often want to call a spousal abuse center on her behalf.
    • Second, the mere fact that you would want to "call a spousal abuse center" on Cindy McCain demonstrates your liberal superiority complex.
    • For instance, alimony also called spousal support or maintenance will be set according to your ability to meet your own needs--or pay for those of your spouse--after the court distributes whatever property you have between you.