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What is the meaning of spout in Hindi?

Meaning of spout in Hindi is : वेग से फूहरा छोड़ना

Definition of word spout

  • a tube or lip through which liquid is poured or discharged (noun)
  • a stream of liquid (noun)
  • the mixture of air and water thrown up from the blowhole of a whale (noun)
  • to gush forth in a stream (verb)
  • to speak tediously (verb)

Examples of word spout

  • I mean, pretty much everything they spout is a lie, but they usually try to cover it a little better than this.
  • The water was gushing like a waterfall during spring melt runoff, out of the spout from the roof.
  • Let Griffin spout his bile on Question Time, or wherever.
  • Of all my rifles, the one with the most ammo up its spout is a Kenny Jarrett .30/06 built on a Model 700 action.
  • All you spout is liberal economics, radical theology, and perverted pseudo-science.


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