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What is the meaning of sprightly in Hindi?

Meaning of sprightly in Hindi is : ज़िन्दादिल

Definition of word sprightly

  • animated, vivacious, or gay; lively (adjective)
  • full of life and vigor, especially with a light and springy step (adjective)
  • energetic and in good health (adjective)
  • In a lively and vigorous way (adverb)

Examples of word sprightly

  • By this time I had my black wardrobe more or less together, and had learned not to say, “Well, hi there!” in sprightly tones.
  • It was all "sprightly" -- that was Murray's tone -- but also it was cordial; and it referred to Thyrsis 'earlier novel, "The Hearer of Truth", as "that brilliant piece of work".
  • The letters contain many particulars of her life, together with many anecdotes hitherto unknown or forgotten, told with a saucy vivacity which is charming, and an air vividly recalling the sprightly, arch demeanour, and black, sparkling eyes of the fair Queen of Navarre.
  • To frame a system which shall suit the condition of our country and the genius of its government, which shall develop the faculties of the mind and improve the good dispositions of the heart; which shall embrace in its views the rich and the poor, the dull and the sprightly is a work of great magnitude and requires details to give it efficacy, which the little time allowed to your committee
  • To call Capote's profile of Brando "sprightly" is not too bright; if anything, this is the best single short piece of its kind, plus which Capote performed the near-impossible -- he got the normally guarded Brando to open up.


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