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What is the meaning of squeezing in Hindi?

Meaning of squeezing in Hindi is : निष्पीडन

Definition of word squeezing

  • Present participle of squeeze. (verb)
  • The act of pressing; compression. (noun)
  • That which is forced out by pressure; dregs. (noun)

Examples of word squeezing

  • They're paid to play a particular role in squeezing the most out of the current economics.
  • It makes me mad knowing that Australian telcos are more interested in squeezing every drop out of their loyal customers than they are providing competitive quality services.
  • Once our suspension comes to pass formally, we can expect that to trigger a whole lot of additional testicle squeezing from the international community.
  • I begin squeezing the trigger slowly as soon as I get the sights on a small piece of the target, and follow through regardless of whether they are exactly on the spot or just hovering around it.
  • Nashville scored on its first shot when Legwand dug out the puck from behind the net and wrapped around the post in squeezing it past Ty Conklin at 4: 07.


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