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What is the meaning of staircase in Hindi?

Meaning of staircase in Hindi is : सोपान

Definition of word staircase

  • a flight of stairs; a stairway (noun)
  • a connected set of flights of stairs; a stairwell (noun)

Examples of word staircase

    • At the top of the staircase is a small landing that separates two bedrooms to the right and left.
    • Under the staircase is a little roome for a butler, thence the staires to the Cellars; this is between the back staires wch are very good and light, and wanscoated up to the garrets, and the great staires wch are very handsome painted white, the Rooffe an oval of Cupids.
    • Knight Frank One of the bedroom suites is in the tower, accessed via a staircase from the first floor.
    • The first floor has a kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom with two double beds; up the spiral staircase is another bedroom with 2 twin beds.
    • Our staircase is lined with original art including this spasm-inducing homage piece by Jim Rugg.


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