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What is the meaning of stand up in Hindi?

Meaning of stand up in Hindi is : खड़ा होना

Definition of word stand up

  • A comedian who performs on stage. (noun)

Examples of word stand up

  • It's ironic that Apple's stand-in standup is the straight man to Hodgeman -- the PC as bumbling Lou Costello.
  • Hugh Hughes also goes in – standup style – for ruffling his audience.
  • You really should think about a career in standup comedy.
  • If the standup is some-more protracted, Mitrione has the good possibility of catching him with the punch as good as putting him down.
  • I know one or two comedians 'spouses, and they accept their occasional appearances in standup routines as a sometimes amusing, sometimes tedious fact of married life.
  • But, I agree with Erswi, CKs standup is awesome, but he seems so forced and awkward acting.
  • I know he has a background in standup and he's a great actor.
  • Squishy you should consider a career in standup comedy.
  • Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) mocked the Federal Reserve in what is best described as a standup comedy routine on the floor of the House of Representatives Thursday.