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What is the meaning of standard in Hindi?

Meaning of standard in Hindi is : स्तरीय

Definition of word standard

Examples of word standard

  • I want each Emir to have a standard so I am contemplating doing something I never do and making a multiple figure command base of an Emir, a Standard bearer and maybe even another figure on foot.
  • To expect that a broadcaster should check all statements made in those circumstances sets an unrealistic standard for compliance with Standard 5.
  • "The use of teacher standard will set the tone for quality throughout the education system, from preschool to tertiary education," he said after unveiling the Malaysian Tea­cher Standard and launching the Malaysian Teachers Education Inst­itute Tawau campus in Balung, some 36km from here yesterday.
  • Regulation was spotty and slow in coming, which is why Rockefeller insisted on consistency and quality control, and why he had chosen the name Standard.14
  • Scientists at CERN monitoring the collisions have spotted some puzzling events, but so far nothing has emerged that takes man's knowledge clearly beyond what they call the Standard Model of how the cosmos works.


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