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What is the meaning of standby in Hindi?

Meaning of standby in Hindi is : निभाना

Definition of word standby

  • State of readiness without being immediately involved. (noun)
  • Wait briefly: alternative spelling of stand by. (verb)

Examples of word standby

    • "If duty pump fails and the standby pump runs, should the term standby still applies?"
    • The light will flash every 5 seconds when it is in what I call standby mode when it is waiting to sense movement.
    • The standard keyless entry, it seems, keeps the car in "standby" mode even with the engine shut off.
    • So far, their device can collect up to 5 milliwatts of power, and their short term goal is to collect 20 milliwatts of power, which is just enough to keep the phone charged in standby mode.
    • Jobs said the two new Airs -- a 2. 3-lb. model with an 11. 6-in. screen, starting at $999 with 64 gigabytes of flash storage, and a 2. 9-lb. version with a 13. 3-in. screen, priced at $1,299 and up -- can stay asleep in standby mode for 30 days, with active battery life of five to seven hours.
    • It runs incredibly fast for the hardware I run it on (MSI Wind with 1. 5gig of ram), it feels much faster than the previous iBooks I've had, the standby is really quick and resume is instant, and it runs Office.
    • He went on to warn readers about so called "vampire appliances," such as computers, stereos and DVD players, which use power in standby mode.
    • We have the VoiP phones like Vonage and the old standby is still standing by – forgotten.
    • Improved battery life (2 weeks in standby mode with wireless disabled) 20% faster page turns
    • Another 80s cartoon standby is represented on the first disc – - adolescent versions of adult characters.