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What is the meaning of standout in Hindi?

Meaning of standout in Hindi is :

Definition of word standout

  • exceptional; noteworthy (adjective)
  • An exceptional or noteworthy person or thing (noun)

Examples of word standout

    • The other standout is also amusing, just not in the laugh out loud way, and belongs to Charles Sheffield.
    • But what makes this novel such a standout is the author's talent of evoking place!
    • •Drew Stafford — The North Dakota standout is the solidly built winger every team covets.
    • Among the adult sufferers, one standout is Frank Moss's Rockwellian "A Difficult Job" (undated).
    • Add in standout tight ends Dennis Pitta and Andrew George along with tailback Harvey Unga to handle the intermediate routes, and the cupboard appears well stocked.
    • The principals are mostly good, but the one standout is Ty Taylor as the Leading Player.
    • The standout is the chicken kabab which they marinate overnight in little bags for each skewer and come out tasting perfectly cooked and well seasoned with what I think is cumin and cinnamon.
    • A standout is a 1925 Inuit Tuilli, a caribou skin garment embroidered with 160,000 beads in floral and anatomical patterns and designed to protect a newborn from the harsh Arctic cold inside a back pouch.
    • The 6-1, 235-pound former Ohio State standout is a between-the-tackles pounder with the speed to rack up big gains.
    • According to Browns general manager Phil Savage, the former Wisconsin standout surrendered, at most, two sacks of Derek Anderson, allowing the quarterback time to hit Pro Bowl weapons Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow II for explosive plays.