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What is the meaning of stank in Hindi?

Meaning of stank in Hindi is : बदबू से भरा

Definition of word stank

  • Simple past of stink. (verb)
  • Foul-smelling, stinking, unclean. (adjective)
  • Water retained by an embankment; a pool of water. (noun)
  • A dam or mound to stop water. (noun)

Examples of word stank

  • They encouraged one another to positive hatred of the working man who had suddenly become wealthy; his name stank in their nostrils.
  • Y’all know what a sceptic stank is full of, doncha?
  • I ended up walking around for more than ten years with the assumption that men in turbans stank, which is ridiculous, because my male neighbours both across the street and next door wore turbans, and they were perfectly decent, non-smelly people that I saw all the time.
  • For even as Andersonville was a name that stank in the North, so was Rock Island one to bring terror to the heart of any Southerner who had relatives imprisoned there.
  • Now Mr Paul's name stank in the nostrils of Mrs Stumfold.


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