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What is the meaning of starting in Hindi?

Meaning of starting in Hindi is : शुरुआत

Definition of word starting

  • Present participle of start. (verb)

Examples of word starting

  • Catholic college yanks courses by gay priest Share Chestnut Hill College, a Roman Catholic institution in Philadelphia, last week told a gay priest who had been a popular adjunct there for several semesters that he was no longer welcome to teach the two religion courses he had been offered for the term starting this week.
  • I've waited for decades (as have others) to see the continuation of manned space exploration .... but it's not really about continuing anymore, it's about just plain starting from the beginning, from zero, just like apollo did in the early 60s.
  • He stood facing the bed, the arrogance in his expression starting to melt around the edges.
  • Hopes are running high that the current administration will execute an economic plan similar to Mr. Thaksin's policies during the first two years of his term starting in 2001, when there were massive increases in government spending to improve the country's infrastructure.
  • "This being the case," she said, "I urge you to recommend that these drugs have an appropriate black box warning placed on the label starting immediately."


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