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What is the meaning of startup in Hindi?

Meaning of startup in Hindi is : उद्घाटन

Definition of word startup

  • the act or process of starting a process or machine (noun)

Examples of word startup

  • Commonly, when we think of the word startup, we think of those "two guys in a garage" tinkering, inventing, and changing the world.
  • He left to join what he called a startup, which I later discovered was eight years old.
  • That said, I know first hand how difficult this can be – the last thing we want as a small startup is a lot of back and forth with lawyers.
  • The venture capital industry needs shave about $13 billion a year from its investments in startup companies, writes Paul Kedrosky in a research paper released today by the Kaufman Foundation.
  • Down in Austin, Texas, Trilogy, a once-high-flying startup, is “reinventing the newspaper business for the Internet Age,” with a venture-backed online newspaper.