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What is the meaning of starved in Hindi?

Meaning of starved in Hindi is : भूखा

Definition of word starved

  • Approaching starvation, emaciated and malnourished. (adjective)
  • Extremely hungry. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of starve. (verb)

Examples of word starved

  • If I could have painted a picture for half a guinea by which they could have made twenty whilst I starved, _I could have starved_.
  • The Rangers ask Matt Harrison, a 26-year-old with less of a household name to bring it home for the title starved Rangers.
  • But I think the term starved for attention is accurate.
  • That being said the question that now needs be asked: are these investments in emerging markets impacting the ability of these Wall Street banks and bank holding companies to service the capital starved from the American economy?
  • When he penned these lines, he had recently emerged half-starved from a nine-year period of incarceration in a lunatic asylum, having been subjected to more than 60 electro-shock treatments.


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