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What is the meaning of state in Hindi?

Meaning of state in Hindi is : हालत

Definition of word state

  • Any sovereign polity. A government. (noun)
  • A political division of a federation retaining a degree of autonomy, for example one of the fifty United States. See also Province. (noun)
  • A condition. (noun)
  • Pomp, ceremony, or dignity. (noun)
  • The stable condition of a processor during a particular clock cycle. (noun)
  • The set of all parameters relevant to a computation. (noun)
  • The values of all parameters at some point in a computation. (noun)
  • A society larger than a tribe. A society large enough to form a state in the sense of a government. (noun)
  • The physical property of matter as solid, liquid, gas or plasma (noun)
  • an element of the range of the random variables that define a random process. (noun)
  • A great person, a dignitary; a lord or prince. (noun)
  • To declare to be a fact. (verb)
  • To make known. (verb)

Examples of word state

  • Thus, state laws first had to be a valid substantive exercise of the state¡¦s police power before it was incorporated into Webb-Kenyon and could be applied to interstate shipments of liquor.
  • Instead, the initial law that the state sought to enforce against interstate commerce must itself be an externally valid exercise of the state¡¦s police power.
  • COLIN POWELL, SECRETARY OF STATE: And it also gave me the opportunity, as secretary of state, to thank him and to thank the Canadian people and the Canadian government, especially the prime minister for all the solid support that Canada has given to the United States in the days since the 11th of September.
  • * Thus, in "The state was made, under the pretence of serving it, in reality the prize of their contention to each of these opposite parties," it is unpleasantly doubtful whether the writer means (1) _state_ or (2) _parties_ to be emphatic.
  • It may seem a paradox that the same colour should be at once so durable and so fugitive, but we may briefly explain it by saying _when vitreous pigments are reduced to that extreme state of division which the palette requires, they lose the properties they possess in a less finely divided state_.


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