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What is the meaning of static in Hindi?

Meaning of static in Hindi is : स्थैतिकी

Definition of word static

  • Unable to change. (adjective)
  • Fixed in place; having no motion. (adjective)
  • Occupying memory allocated when a program is loaded. (adjective)
  • Interference on a broadcast signal caused by atmospheric disturbances; heard as crackles on radio, or seen as random specks on television. (noun)
  • Interference or obstruction from people. (noun)
  • Something that is not part of any perceived universe phenomena; having no motion; no particle; no wavelength. (noun)
  • Static electricity. (noun)

Examples of word static

  • Rather than explicitly declaring each non-static local variable, it seems easier to use explicit static declarations and __static for the dynamic static variables. dynamic_text method described above, we can store more useful information in the arg's text - for instance, [advise myadvice before func].
  • The term "static" is connected to the fact that researchers had to feed information to Watson, teach it how to play the Jeopardy! game and tweak the programming when they spotted flaws in Watson's game play.
  • FOSTER: It can be, because what you often get with DSL is what they call a static IP address, which allows people to locate your computer in the same place on the Internet all the time.
  • The mode of observation is essentially that of Schmidt -- what he terms his static method.
  • Burst of static from the generator-god, and she cried out, whole body tensing - he could kill her at a distance, they all could, and she waited for it, but instead there was only one word hanging before her eyes:


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