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What is the meaning of statics in Hindi?

Meaning of statics in Hindi is : स्थैतिकी

Definition of word statics

  • The branch of mechanics concerned with forces in static equilibrium (noun)

Examples of word statics

  • What you all seem to be debating here is nicely paralelled in the world of physics: you're talking about the branches known as statics vs. dynamics.
  • Your statics are a cruel indication that dismisses he plight of so many in critical times.
  • For someone in solid mechanics, features such as statics / dynamic analysis (implicit and explicit), inelastic material laws, finite strain kinematics, and nonlinear solution schemes would be the starting point.
  • On the ground, trips are made in armoured cars, in full body armour accompanied by drivers whose radios crackle with warnings of "statics" or "slow moving from the left" - each a possible suicide bomber.
  • We have moved from old “evolutionary statics” and are now starting to understand the flux and change of “evolutionary dynamics.”


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