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What is the meaning of station in Hindi?

Meaning of station in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word station

  • The fact of standing still; motionlessness, stasis. (noun)
  • A stopping place (noun)
  • The apparent standing still of a superior planet just before it begins or ends its retrograde motion. (noun)
  • A regular stopping place for ground transportation. (noun)
  • A ground transportation depot. (noun)
  • One of the Stations of the Cross. (noun)
  • A place where one stands or stays or is assigned to stand or stay. (noun)
  • A place where one performs a tasks or where one is on call to perform a task. (noun)
  • Standing; rank; position. (noun)
  • A military base. (noun)
  • A place used for broadcasting radio or television. (noun)
  • A broadcasting entity. (noun)
  • A gas station, service station (noun)
  • A very large sheep or cattle farm. (noun)
  • A harbour or cove with a foreshore suitable for a facility to support nearby fishing. (noun)
  • Any of a sequence of equally spaced points along a path. (noun)
  • To put in place to perform a task. (verb)
  • To put in place to perform military duty. (verb)

Examples of word station

  • Response:I've included an image here of the relative location of the station (red arrow) and where Steve showed the fictitious “airport asos station” (green arrow).
  • I could agree to one thing: if you computed trends per station that is: a trend for *each station* and if the station bias was constant over time – then the bias would not affect the trend.
  • At Harrow, the District Railway built its station in Roxeth and named it South Harrow, while in the hamlet of Hooking Green the Metropolitan Railway called its ­station North Harrow.
  • Unlike other automakers, Fisker even uses the term "station wagon" to describe it, clearly not shying away from any stigma that might have.
  • In space a station is required to maintain order, while a side organization supplies that station from the moon, while other corporations operate shuttle and repair services to satellites and allowing Naval facility on the moon to operate the mini-three man ships to reach orbit with levelled operations which reach orbit and the moon.


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