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What is the meaning of stave in Hindi?

Meaning of stave in Hindi is : सूराख करना

Definition of word stave

  • One of a number of narrow strips of wood, or narrow iron plates, placed edge to edge to form the sides, covering, or lining of a vessel or structure; esp., one of the strips which form the sides of a cask, a pail, etc. (noun)
  • One of the bars or rounds of a rack, rungs of a ladder, etc; one of the cylindrical bars of a lantern wheel (noun)
  • A metrical portion; a stanza; a staff. (noun)
  • The five horizontal and parallel lines on and between which musical notes are written or pointed; the staff. (noun)
  • A staff or walking stick (noun)
  • To break in the staves of; to break a hole in; to burst. Often with in. (verb)
  • To push, as with a staff. With off. (verb)
  • To delay by force; to drive away. Often with off. (verb)
  • To burst in pieces by striking against something. (verb)
  • To walk or move rapidly. (verb)

Examples of word stave

  • Their poems were graven upon small staves or rods, one line upon each face of the rod; and the Old English word "stave," as applied to a stanza, is probably a relic of the practice, which, in the early ages, prevailed in the West.
  • They've got to get a proposal together with, like, sheet music and all, and with the music constructed in GarageBand by yours truly, who barely knows a stave from a semi-quaver, getting that together is ... a challenge, as they say.
  • If you're buying a stave from a dealer, you'll save on drying time (4-6 weeks if cutting your own).
  • He was singing a stave from the "Enniskillen Dragoon" when I came up with him
  • Origin: A stave is a stick of wood, from the plural of staff, staves.


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