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What is the meaning of stay in Hindi?

Meaning of stay in Hindi is : स्थगित करना

Definition of word stay

  • Steep; ascending. (adjective)
  • (of a roof) Steeply pitched. (adjective)
  • Difficult to negotiate; not easy to access; sheer. (adjective)
  • Stiff; upright; unbending; reserved; haughty; proud. (adjective)
  • Steeply. (adverb)
  • A strong rope supporting a mast, and leading from the head of one mast down to some other, or other part of the vessel. (noun)
  • A guy, rope, or wire supporting or stabilizing a platform, such as a bridge, a pole, such as a tentpole, the mast of a derrick, or other structural element. (noun)
  • The transverse piece in a link. (noun)
  • To incline forward, aft, or to one side by means of stays. (verb)
  • To tack; put on the other tack. (verb)
  • To change; tack; go about; be in stays, as a ship. (verb)
  • A prop; a support. (noun)
  • A fastening for a garment; a hook; a clasp; anything to hang another thing on. (noun)
  • That which holds or restrains; obstacle; check; hindrance; restraint. (noun)
  • A stop; a halt; a break or cessation of action, motion, or progress. (noun)
  • A postponement, especially of an execution or other punishment. (noun)
  • A standstill; a state of rest; entire cessation of motion or progress. (noun)
  • A fixed state; fixedness; stability; permanence. (noun)
  • Continuance or a period of time spent in a place; abode for an indefinite time; sojourn. (noun)
  • A station or fixed anchorage for vessels. (noun)
  • A state; fixed condition. (noun)
  • Restraint of passion; prudence; moderation; caution; steadiness; sobriety. (noun)
  • A piece of stiff material, such as plastic or whalebone, used to stiffen a piece of clothing. (noun)
  • To prop; support; sustain; hold up; steady. (verb)
  • To stop; detain; keep back; delay; hinder. (verb)
  • To restrain; withhold; check; stop. (verb)
  • To put off; defer; postpone; delay; keep back. (verb)
  • To hold the attention of. (verb)
  • To bear; brook; undergo; abide; stand; hold out through or during. (verb)
  • To wait for; await. (verb)
  • To rest; depend; rely. (verb)
  • To stop; come to a stand or standstill. (verb)
  • To come to an end; cease; blin. (verb)
  • To delay; linger; tarry; wait. (verb)
  • To make a stand; stand. (verb)
  • To hold out, as in a race or contest; last or persevere to the end. (verb)
  • To remain in a particular place, especially for an indefinite time; sojourn; abide. (verb)
  • To wait; rest in patience or expectation. (verb)
  • To wait as an attendant; give ceremonious or submissive attendance. (verb)
  • To continue to have a particular quality. (verb)

Examples of word stay

  • I call the Republican position to stay the course ’stay and pray’………counters ‘cut and run’ pretty well, wouldn’t you say?
  • At the same time they were saying “The policy is to stay the course,” the president was saying “The policy has never been ’stay the course.’”
  • I was wishing I could just stay and _stay_ in this room. "
  • Cain called Perry "insensitive" for letting the word stay there for so long during an interview with Fox News Sunday.
  • While Gaga drip-feeds exclusive information on new artwork, single premieres and things fans genuinely want to know, Lott uses the phrase "stay crazy" like an excitable children's TV presenter.


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