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What is the meaning of steep in Hindi?

Meaning of steep in Hindi is : सीधी ढाल

Definition of word steep

Examples of word steep

  • Steep "often sounds like a promotional film," it's "undeniably impressive," offers Nick Schager calls Steep "a skin-deep history lesson on extreme skiing."
  • The resulting film, "Steep," doesn't include any footage of Kye Petersen, the heart of Kerig's story.
  • The project eventually was released as "Steep," a documentary that had a 2007 theatrical release and whose reviews were split right down the middle.
  • 'Darfur Now,' 'Steep' my week at the movies: 'Lars and the Real Girl' (finally), 'Rendition,' '30 Days of Night,'
  • That film became the documentary "Steep," but ultimately didn't use the footage of Kye Petersen in Chamonix.


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