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What is the meaning of steganography in Hindi?

Meaning of steganography in Hindi is : सांकेतिक अक्षरों में लिखने की कला

Definition of word steganography

  • The practice of hiding messages, so that the presence of the message itself is hidden, often by writing them in places where they may not be found. (noun)
  • Specifically: the use of small files in computers to communicate secret information. (noun)

Examples of word steganography

  • If done correctly, and cleverly, detecting steganography is extremely difficult.
  • Indeed, along with encryption, steganography is one of the fundamental ways by which data can be kept confidential.
  • The process is a network application of steganography, which is the ancient science and art of hiding messages in documents, pictures and other media in a way that can be easily detected by the intended recipient, but not by third parties.
  • To be sure, according to the FBI, the suspected Russian agents it rounded up sometimes communicated with Moscow via secret messages hidden in Web pages (in a process called steganography).
  • Others living in New Jersey and Boston used a technique called steganography, in which SVR handlers embedded messages into images on publicly available websites, the FBI said.


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