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What is the meaning of stench in Hindi?

Meaning of stench in Hindi is : बदबू

Definition of word stench

  • a strong foul smell, a stink (noun)
  • metaphorically, a foul quality (noun)
  • To cause to emit a disagreeable odour; to cause to stink. (verb)

Examples of word stench

  • Adding to the stench is the fact that the Oriental-meets-Glam-Rock fashions (designed by Ross herself!) are hideous creations that must have taken the applauding extras all their esophageal muscle control not to vomit over.
  • My clothes were wet with sweat and I pinched my nose to ward off the stench from the dead seal.
  • Also, on days when the tides and wind are just right, the stench is overpowering.
  • He was referring to the stench of marijuana we'd used up, or else the rat cage.
  • As for the puddle of life, the stench is offensive to you?


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