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What is the meaning of stereoselective in Hindi?

Meaning of stereoselective in Hindi is :

Definition of word stereoselective

  • Of a chemical reaction in which the production of one stereoisomer is favoured over all others (adjective)

Examples of word stereoselective

  • A general rxn mechanism of Pd catalysed stereoselective olefination was also provided.
  • Other cool-sounding words: stereoselective, nitroxide, paramagnetic.
  • Sal, you should ask these IDEA biochemists and protein engineers if a surface-based catalyst of chemical reactions can be inherently stereoselective.
  • The two enantiomers of Noyori's useful BINAP is shown together with an example of a stereoselective ketone reduction where the ester function is left intact.
  • Figure 6 gives an example of a stereoselective ketone reduction.


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