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What is the meaning of stern in Hindi?

Meaning of stern in Hindi is : ज़हाज़ का पिछला भाग

Definition of word stern

  • Having a hardness and severity of nature or manner. (adjective)
  • Grim and forbidding in appearance. (adjective)
  • The rear part or after end of a ship or vessel. (noun)

Examples of word stern

  • “There are few things I would deny you, Daughter, without good reason,” Balm answered, her expression stern.
  • President Obama's promising what he calls a stern response if North Korea launches a missile, as it now threatens.
  • Before she could get any more information from him, Marco walked over to them, his expression stern.
  • QUESTION: The Associated Press reports that in reaction to what they termed your stern rebuke of Jerry Thacker, a group called Human Rights Campaign said that while this was a positive development, the Bush administration's, quote, "Obsessive focus on abstinence as the solitary mechanism to prevent the transmission of HIV is not based on sound science."
  • Storm of mutinous anger gathers round the Captain stern and true,


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