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What is the meaning of stifling in Hindi?

Meaning of stifling in Hindi is : दमघोंटू

Definition of word stifling

  • Describing something that stifles. (adjective)
  • Present participle of stifle. (verb)

Examples of word stifling

  • "Well, it struck me, as I stood there with my head full of what we have been discussing, that the conditions of a girl's life of our own class are pleasant enough, but they are stifling, absolutely _stifling_; and not all the Emersons in the world will convince me to the contrary.
  • Through the first five games of this series, the Texas Rangers have succeeded for the most part in stifling Mr. Rodriguez, the Yankees third baseman.
  • To pay off their debt, they work terrible hours in stifling conditions at a Chinatown clothing factory.
  • The grievance industry can be just as effective in stifling public debate as government censorship.
  • In this case, he got everyone he wanted including Rosamund Pike who plays an upper class wife stuck in stifling domesticity.


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