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What is the meaning of stilted in Hindi?

Meaning of stilted in Hindi is : रुखाई से

Definition of word stilted

  • stiff and artificially formal (adjective)
  • pompous (adjective)
  • Supported by stilts. (adjective)

Examples of word stilted

  • But there's a certain ... stilted character to them that I came to realize was the emergent property of all those swirling styles and ideas, cross-pollinating and recombining outside of the Anglo Bubble.
  • If you look at their NASA Message Construct all you get are partial, generic ideas contained in stilted sentences - including what to say in a proverbial "Elevator Speech" with someone (I am guessing here) who wants to know what NASA does.
  • I shall type in stilted sentences, where humorous.
  • Perhaps the treatment of reformers like Mirdamadi and Abdi explains why some of the gerogan-girha tend to speak in stilted euphemisms, even when they are discussing events now a quarter of a century old.
  • In such cases, the gait is stilted, that is, there is incomplete advancement of both members and, of course, the period of weight bearing is correspondingly shortened; hence the short strides.


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