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What is the meaning of stimulant in Hindi?

Meaning of stimulant in Hindi is : शक्ति वर्धक

Definition of word stimulant

  • A substance that acts to increase physiological or nervous activity in the body. (noun)
  • Something that promotes activity, interest, or enthusiasm. (noun)
  • Acting as a stimulant. (adjective)

Examples of word stimulant

  • We take a solution of what we call a stimulant and immerse the bioplasm in it, and we find that it increases its activity, moves faster, takes up more pabulum, and divides more rapidly than in the unstimulated condition.
  • But the eye-opening stimulant is found in lots of other beverages, and even some food and medications.
  • In similar ways to stimulant drugs such as amphetamine, clenbuterol can have short-term stimulant effects, including increasing aerobic capacity, blood pressure and alertness.
  • The main stimulant used for “ADHD” is an amphetamine-like drug, which purportedly acts as a tranquilizer in children.
  • Senor, the former U.S. occupation official, agrees that Saddam's trial could be a "short-term stimulant" for the insurgency.


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