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What is the meaning of stink in Hindi?

Meaning of stink in Hindi is : बहुत खराब होना

Definition of word stink

  • To have a strong bad smell. (verb)
  • To be greatly inferior; to perform badly. (verb)
  • To give an impression of dishonesty or untruth. (verb)
  • A strong bad smell. (noun)
  • A complaint or objection. (noun)
  • chemistry (as a subject taught in school) (noun)
  • A failure or unfortunate event. (noun)

Examples of word stink

  • He repeated the word stink a lot, too, used it as a noun: The imaginary person was full of stink; the earth was full of stink.
  • Ty, yer stink is making multiple appearances on this blog.
  • Both parties stink from the core and the only way out of the mess we are in is by cleaning house.
  • This whole e-mail stink is about some random 3L opining, a priori, from her Harvard armchair about actual science.
  • In truth, when it becomes embedded in your fingernails after changing a particularly messy diaper and the only way to get rid of the real or psychological stink is to cut them off and bleach the cuticles, no immature but ultimately tenderhearted guy will ever regard feces as if it were a coat of blush and gaze at you lovingly, realizing at long last that he's found his soul mate.


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