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What is the meaning of stinks in Hindi?

Meaning of stinks in Hindi is :

Definition of word stinks

  • Plural form of stink. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of stink. (verb)

Examples of word stinks

    • Change The Title: If the post content is good but the title stinks, not attracting the attention you think it should, change it.
    • If you wonder why this country is so rank (as in "stinks") politically, little Josh Browns all across the country contribute in many ways, every day.
    • A fish stinks from the head down, but sometimes you have to filet it starting at the tail.
    • The only thing that stinks is it sounds like a lot of money just to get in!
    • The only thing that really stinks, is the hypocrisy of the republican party … p.s. – keep up the good work ... (which really means: keep us all laughing!)


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