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What is the meaning of stipe in Hindi?

Meaning of stipe in Hindi is : वृन्त

Definition of word stipe

  • The stem of a mushroom, kelp, etc. (noun)
  • The trunk of a tree. (noun)

Examples of word stipe

    • The trunk, sometimes called a stipe, is the stem of the palm.
    • The cap of a basidiomycete, an expanded structure at the top of the stipe that bears the hymenium (gills, etc.) on its undersurface.
    • I am a magistrate and welcome the opportunity to sit through a Court 1″ list sometime and explain, case by case how we (and there are three of us, I am not a stipe/DJ) decide what to do.
    • If you want the US to surrender/withdraw however your political stipe demands that you phrase it leave the kind general out of that decision.
    • Marks and Spencer have a nice double stipe shirt in aqua/grey, which would look good with a plain tie.


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